Wake Up Your Why

I’m sorry, but you’ve caught me in the middle of a migration to a new platform. As is the case for many times in our lives, what may seem like an easy transition, things take much longer and are harder than we think.

So, we’ve got two options:

1. It’s to hard and give up.
2. Stay the course. This reminds me of a little story. An older seaman was out on the water with his newer apprentice. They encountered an unexpected severe storm. The waves were crashing over the boat and it seemed their lives were in peril. The old seaman was letting the apprentice stay at the wheel, but this young lad was nearly at his whits end. He cried out, “I can’t do this, it’s to hard. Please help me.” Calmly, the old seaman whispered, just loud enough to be heard over the roar of the storm, “steady as she goes boy, steady as she goes.”

So I will carry on. Steady as she goes. It may, and probably will take me longer than I’d like. But I will get it done. And actually, I’m no techie y’all.

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I’m glad you landed here but I’m bummed you didn’t exactly find what you were looking for. Please bookmark this page and come back soon. I’ll be in that “steady as she goes” zone for now.